War in Ukraine

War is defined as an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies or paramilitary groups. It is said to be part of our human nature, a psychological and evolutionary trait. Dutch psychoanalyst Joost Meerloo said that "War is often a mass discharge of accumulated internal rage where the inner fears of mankind are discharged in... Continue Reading →

The Genomic Age of Medicine

For hundreds of years scientists had been trying to understand health and disease. They believed that with this knowledge, they can further better cures for human diseases. From Robert Hooke, who was the first person to view a micro-organism with a microscope in the 17th century to Schleiden and Schwann who established the cell theory... Continue Reading →

How to overcome a heartbreak  

We’ve all been in love passionately and thought that we had found our soul mate, the person who was destined for us and with whom we wanted to build the rest of our lives. However, sometimes reality catches up with us and we don't see things through to the end, especially those we thought would... Continue Reading →

Love in the Digital Age

In the time before the invention of the internet, couples used to have either arranged or love marriages. They would meet, go out for dinner or to a cinema theatre. Although it used to take extra efforts to meet the other person due to being physically present, people found it better as physical contact gives... Continue Reading →

Do you think everyone should get vaccinated?

Nowadays, there are many people who are suspicious about vaccination. Prejudices about vaccination question its effectiveness on certain diseases. There are also many debates about the possible danger of certain components used but despite all these prejudices, the vaccine remains a good way to ensure the good health of your children. First, the vaccine is... Continue Reading →

Bye bye Babylone by Lamia ZIadé

  The written pages alternate with explanatory and representative drawings bringing a raw and organic feeling, alternating between colorless and colorful. Although Ziade's words contrast the "paradise" of imported supermarkets with the violence that ensues in Lebanon, the images of food and guns seem to merge into each other. They show, as in a somewhat... Continue Reading →

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