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Technology is good for you!

In modern society technology is becoming more and more prevalent and so here we have 5 apps you can download on your phone to help you live a healthier lifestyle. I would also like to add that I have personally used each of these apps and all the information is from my own experiences with... Continue Reading →

Adversity as a learning curve

The magic of life mesmerises. It reveals itself as an assailable network of roads, with vast stretches of twists and turns. Wonderful to behold in its glorious forms of manifestations. There are summits as well as valleys. In spite of the odds that spew forth their cadences along the way, life remains a pleasant ride... Continue Reading →

Reforming the education system

The main issues of mainstream education today concern lack of vocational/creative courses, lack of teachers and motivation to study. Firstly not everyone is academic; there should be more options/choices available for pupils in both primary and secondary schools to study creative practical vocational courses such as gardening, photography, cooking, dance, singing, drama, music, arts and... Continue Reading →

A garden of change

It is just after midnight when the world has fallen silent and I can hear the tepid sound of the tap, as drops of water, fall into the sink. I can feel exhaustion ebbing its way through my body and I would give anything at this moment to lie down and sleep. Instead, I find... Continue Reading →

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