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Bunny and The Bear – Furry United Coalition #1 by Eve Langlais

Chase is an attorney and a shapeshifter. As a bear he likes at least 16 hours of sleep and enjoys honey buns from a bakery across the street from his office. But the presence of a recent neighbor bounces in his mind. Miranda, a bunny shapeshifter is an agent of Furry United Coalition (FUC), an... Continue Reading →

Taking fashion far from home

Africa has been known for it's unique culture and now Kenneth Ize, a Nigerian fashion designer and finalist for this year's prestigious LVMH prize has created a collection of cloth lines now available internationally. His inspiration came from the ancient craft of aso oke hand weaving of the Yoruba people of south-western Nigeria. The term,... Continue Reading →

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

In the modern times, when fashion and fitness is the rage many people associate beauty with skin color and body shape. Although it's good to have a healthy body but even then most people tend to criticize and end up pressurizing others. This is most especially for celebrities who have to continue working hard to... Continue Reading →

Diver saves a manta ray in Western Australia

An incident occurred recently by a freediving group exploring Ningaloo Reef off Australia’s north west coast. A giant manta ray, locally known as Freckles approached one of the divers, Jake Wilton who’s a snorkelling guide to help remove fish hooks from her right eye. Wilton, who works in the area for Ningaloo Marine Interactions, a... Continue Reading →

Sleight of Heart by Jacquie Rogers

Colorado, 1883. Burke O'Shaughnessy set out to look for his brother Patrick which led him to Lexie Campbell. Patrick had an affair with Lexie's younger sister, Helen but later left. Lexie and Burke both set out to find Patrick, although for entirely different reasons. Helen led everyone to believe she was pregnant because she was... Continue Reading →

The remains of Native Americans in the United States

Although Christopher Columbus is credited in discovering America and it's nearby islands in 1492, the real founders were the Native Americans or American Indians as dubbed by Christopher. They are also known as indigenous people who were the first people to settle there. Christopher was an Italian explorer, navigator and colonist. After bringing captives to... Continue Reading →

Bewitching by Jill Barnett

Set in the 1800's this story is about Joyous Fiona MacQuarrie, a Scottish witch who couldn't fully control her magic despite help from her aunt. Joy wanted to go to her maternal grandmother's cottage with her familiar, an ermine weasel named Beelzebub because her aunt had to go to North America. However, fate had other... Continue Reading →

Depression and loneliness in our society

Due to the material advancement of the world, the young generation tend to be more and more independent. Not having time for family and depending on social media rather than face-to-face interactions can isolate one from developing real relationships. Depression and loneliness go hand in hand. One doesn’t need to be physically alone to feel... Continue Reading →

Is Google reliable?

Ever since the advent of the internet, we have depended on everything available from emails to news to games and movies. However, technology has its drawbacks as it can’t give you everything. Since Google started in 1998, many improvements have been made and it has incorporated so many other services. It is also the most... Continue Reading →

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