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How pandemics have changed the course of history

The earliest recorded history of a pandemic was around 430 B.C. in Athens during the Peloponnesian War. The disease was suspected to be typhoid fever producing symptoms such as fever, thirst and red skin. Since then, several other pandemics had taken place from the Antonine plague in 165A.D. which struck the Roman empire to the... Continue Reading →

Raina Sun Mystery Series by Anne R. Tan

Raina Sun, an American Chinese woman lives in the small town of Gold Springs. She struggles with finishing her degree and doing odd jobs to sustain herself. However, her dead grandfather also put the responsibility on her to give three million dollars to his secret family in China. Her college adviser/ex-boyfriend cons her to give... Continue Reading →

Herbal cure vs Modern medicine

Long before the dawn of modern medicine, many civilizations depended upon the use of plants for curing diseases. The earliest evidence of the use of plants as medicine is dated back to the Paleolithic age, approximately 60,000 years ago. Many civilizations such as the Egyptian, Chinese, Greek and Indian have been using traditional medicine which... Continue Reading →

Life in the Dead Lane by Lucy Quinn

Cookie James is a runaway FBI agent and innkeeper at the Secret Seal Isle who along with her misfit gang consisting of her hippy mother Rain, her secret crush Dylan Creed and ex-FBI partner, Hunter try to solve a murder. While on a date with Dylan, they spot a boat with a corpse who was... Continue Reading →

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