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Dark is the new “Lovely”

In the midst of the Black Lives Matters movement after George Floyd's death by a white police officer, another topic has cropped up. This has to do with Unilever's skin-lightening cream known as Fair & Lovely. Ever since the movement started, many people have taken to social media as an outlet for their rage at... Continue Reading →

An Accidental Series by Dakota Cassidy

Marty Andrews is a sales rep for Bobbie Sue Cosmetics. Being a fashion fanatic, she along with her assistants, Nina Blackman and Wanda Schwartz, is dedicated to climb the ladder to the highest level of being a sales rep. However, her dreams are dashed when she was accidentally bitten by Keegan Flaherty, a werewolf. This... Continue Reading →

Revolution of art

Art is one of the oldest abilities of humans. The earliest art work dates back to 500,000 years when engraved shells were created by Homo erectus. Although not all experts classify this as proper art but the shell was found to have geometric incisions on it. Perhaps this was the beginning of art work with... Continue Reading →

Asymptomatic spread of COVID-19

It has been more than six months since the pandemic started in Wuhan, China. Many changes have been made in our lifestyles and many places are under lock down. Day by day, new information comes up about the Coronavirus. The latest case is of how much can asymptomatic people spread the virus. Maria Van Kerkhove,... Continue Reading →

Wedding bells during the pandemic

It seems that not even the COVID-19 has deterred lovers from reuniting. Despite the lock down and social distancing rules by governments around the world, it is becoming a trend for intending couples to get married. While many couples are getting married the traditional way of having a few family members and friends, others are... Continue Reading →

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