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When the interruptions become more interesting than the talks…

It seems the news channels have a way of creating amusements, though not in a bad way. Over the years interviews have been conducted online which involve the interviewee being at home, most of the time. This has led to many incidents of them being interrupted especially by their children. And yet, such people manage... Continue Reading →

How to overcome suicidal thoughts

Suicide has become a major health issue in the recent times. There are multiple factors involved and thoughts of self harm is very dangerous not just to oneself but also to the family and friends who care. There have been many cases of suicide. Indian actor, Sushant Singh Rajput who was found hanging at his... Continue Reading →

Assassins Guild Series by C.J. Archer

The 1500's. Elizabethan England. The Earl of Oxley, Lord Oxley or Hughe as known by his close companions, is the owner of the Assassins Guild, a secret organisation that deals with killing of criminals. Pretending to be a playboy, no one would guess that the Earl could himself be an assassin. He had three friends... Continue Reading →

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