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Safety is in numbers

The dolphin is an aquatic mammal known for its docile nature and intelligence. Although it may seem to be a harmless creature, it can still be vicious if threatened especially in a group. A group of dolphins is known as either a “school” or a “pod”. Dolphins are fast swimmers because of their streamlined bodies... Continue Reading →

The future of education

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic spread worldwide, many countries have closed their schools starting with China in January. As of 29th July 2020, 106 countries have had nationwide closures of all schools and institutions while a few countries such as USA, South Africa and China have localised school closure. This has had great impact not... Continue Reading →

The contribution of art during the pandemic

With the regulations forcing people to comply by wearing masks and social distancing, many fields of work have been disrupted. With many events cancelled, musicians have embraced technology by live-streaming concerts to audiences around the world. Musicians from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra posted a virtual performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy which garnered up to... Continue Reading →

The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne

  Angus and Sarah Moorcraft had twin daughters, Kirstie and Lydia. However one of the daughters, Lydia died after falling from the first floor balcony of their house. A year later, Angus takes his family to an old house on a Scottish Island he inherited from his grandmother. Then the strangest thing happens. Kirstie claims... Continue Reading →

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