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Do we get our social behaviour from chimpanzees?

Man has been described as a social animal. From the beginning of our lives we strive to be accepted in a particular society or a particular group. However, it is considered normal to have many friends at a young age. The more friends one has, the more the person is considered active and social. But... Continue Reading →

Venom based Drugs – A New Era of Antibiotics

For many decades antibiotics have been used to treat bacterial infections. However, their repeated usage has resulted in multi-drug-resistant strains. This is because bacteria mutate or change their DNA so that the drugs don't kill them. In addition, hospital infections can't be treated by those drugs which can even lead to death of the patient.... Continue Reading →

Significance of Jewelry around the World

For more than 90,000 years different people have worn different types of jewelry. In the past, wearing of jewelry signified social status. However in other cases, they were worn for religious and ritual purposes. Jewelries were made from different materials such as stones, shells, feathers and other natural items. Later gold and diamonds were also... Continue Reading →

Meet the World’s Smallest Cat

We are fascinated by wild life and especially big animals. In the feline family, much attention is given to the big cats such as lion and cheetah. However on the other end we the have the world's smallest cat, known as the rusty-spotted cat (Prionailurus rubiginosus). This cat is native to India and Sri Lanka... Continue Reading →

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