Shopping for a Billionaire – #1 of the Shopping Series by Julia Kent

Genres: Contemporary romance, comedy, family

Blurb: It’s love at first flush for Shannon Jacoby. She meets billionaire Declan McCormick while mystery shopping at one of his stores.

What follows next is a hilarious, second chance meeting where Declan becomes more attracted to Shannon that he refuses to let go of her.

My Review: 5 Stars

This is a novella, the beginning of the shopping series. Right from the start we can see Shannon’s struggles in her life. While doing the mystery shopping and trying to promote her company, she meets the billionaire Declan McCormick.

Although Declan comes from money, he’s surprised Shannon doesn’t throw herself at him. Despite her awkward behaviour he becomes impressed by her and tries to get her. On the other hand, Shannon is an independent woman and has a spine of steel. Although she is also attracted to Declan, she refuses to be ordered by him.

Julia depicts the lifestyle of an ordinary woman and how things start changing after meeting Declan. It is told in a manner that would make you laugh till your sides hurt. Perfect for romance lovers!

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