The Right Resolution (Book 1 of the Holiday Hearts Romance) by Kristen Ethridge

Genres: Contemporary romance, small town, holiday, Christian

Blurb: Eve Larson planned to start the new year afresh at Port Providence. But she couldn’t get away from her past easily. On New Year’s Eve, she came face to face with a person she least expected – her ex’s brother.

Spencer Canley had to track Eve down, on his brother’s bidding. However he realized he was attracted to Eve after spending time with her. Tired of being bullied by his brother Spencer makes up his mind to stay with Eve. But he has a secret which can affect their relationship.

My Review – 5 Stars

It is very difficult after one comes out of a broken relationship. Eve finds herself in such a situation after her ex dumps her. At the time when she thought she could forget about her past, she meets Spencer.

Spencer was sent by his brother to get a precious item from Eve. Surprisingly, Eve doesn’t fight about it and gives the item to him willingly. But situations force the two of them to be together. During those times they share their individual pasts, feelings and plans for the future.

Also, Spencer preaches about God and Christianity to Eve. He encourages her to have faith in God. As a human being, it is difficult to have the faith when one has faced loss and failure in life. But when we have someone to support and uplift us, we realize we can achieve anything.

Kristen gives a vivid description of loss, human nature, love and preaching about God. It’s the perfect novel for both romantic and Christian readers.

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