Jenny’s Justice (Book 14 of Romancing the Spirit series) by CB Samet

Genres: Contemporary romance, suspense, paranormal, criminal justice

Blurb: Assistant district attorney Jenny Wiley always fights for the truth no matter what. Add in Beau Montrose, the handsome defense attorney and the combination is lethal. Jenny has an uncanny ability to know a guilty person, which prompts Beau to seek her help for a client.

Then Jenny starts seeing and communicating with the ghost of a victim. What does the ghost have to do with Beau’s client? Also Beau has a secret of his own. As the two of them investigate while putting their lives in danger, they have to decide how far would they go to get justice.

My Review – 5 Stars

This starts like a contemporary romance between Jenny and Beau. Even though being in the same workplace, they oppose each other when it comes to the court cases. However, things take a turn when Beau requests Jenny to help a client charged for a murder he didn’t commit. Then Jenny starts seeing the ghost of the victim.

The ghost informs her about everything. But out of fear of being labeled as a crazy person, Jenny doesn’t reveal her source. Together with Beau she investigates to find out the identity of the real killer. Also they have to handle the feelings that they develop for each other. Especially when Jenny realizes that Beau isn’t the bad guy she thought he was.

The paranormal aspect of the story is cleverly woven with the mystery and romance. At times the ghost is funny and at times serious. This lightens the plot of the story and has good flow. Perfect for fans of the romance and paranormal genres.

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