Sugar: To Cut or Not To Cut

In the modern times, people have become more conscious of the type of diets that are healthy and those that aren’t. However, one of the difficult class of foods difficult to avoid are the high sugar foods. These are mainly sweets, packaged foods and beverages. This is because sugar is sweet which is gratifying to our taste buds.

Many studies have shown that reducing the amount of sugar intake improves health. Sugary food and drinks don’t have nutritional value and end up being stored as fats. As mentioned earlier about how tempting it can be to eat sugary food, we tend to consume them the whole day if we don’t restrict ourselves. We can have something sweet as a dessert but we should be careful to take in minimal amounts. Another option is to eat fruits which contain natural sugars and vitamins which are more beneficial to our health.

Taking in too much sugar can also affect your mood and mental stability. High blood sugar level gives a boost in alertness until insulin is released into the cells which causes a sudden drop in the amount of sugar in the blood. This can make you more hungry to take more sugar. It is better to have a variety of food products rather than just depending on one class. Having a more wholesome and nutritious diet gives a stable and alert mind which gives you more satisfaction.

Too much sugars can also affect our teeth. There are a lot of bacteria present on the surface of the teeth. When there are sugary food particles on the surface of the teeth, the bacteria feeds on the sugar and grow. This growth of bacteria results in a plaque which can result in conditions such as gum disease and oral bacterial growth.

High levels of sugars can also affect our organs especially the heart and brain. Sugar is stored as fatty acids that become triglycerides. This increases the risk of having health disease and stroke. As mentioned earlier, too much sugar can affect our cognitive abilities which can cause brain cell damage.

The best way to have a healthy lifestyle is to have a balanced diet and being active or if possible, performing exercises. All this will reduce the risk to many health issues and live a longer and happier life.

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