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Very Irresistible Playboy – #1 of the Billionaire Bachelors by Lila Monroe

Genres: Contemporary, romantic comedy, workplace, family Blurb: Billionaire Max Carlisle is heir to the publishing company which has been in his family for generations. However he needs a fake fiancee if he's to beat his crazy relatives to inherit the fortune. And that too ASAP! Because he has only one week. Enter Hallie who is... Continue Reading →

How exercise can help reduce anxiety

Generally, anxiety is considered a normal emotion especially in reaction to stress and toxic situations. However when it becomes intense to the extent that it interferes with our day-to-day activities, then it becomes a disorder. Common symptoms of anxiety disorder include insomnia, excessive worrying, laziness and impaired concentration. Anxiety also helps in survival. It makes... Continue Reading →

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