Very Irresistible Playboy – #1 of the Billionaire Bachelors by Lila Monroe

Genres: Contemporary, romantic comedy, workplace, family


Billionaire Max Carlisle is heir to the publishing company which has been in his family for generations. However he needs a fake fiancee if he’s to beat his crazy relatives to inherit the fortune. And that too ASAP! Because he has only one week.

Enter Hallie who is a photographer. She dreams of having her own photography studio but due to lack of any support, she still has to struggle with the bare necessities while trying to find a better job. By coincidence she meets Olivia Danvers, owner of The Agency who sets her up with Max as his fake fiancee.

As the couple spend time getting to know each other, they go through a hilarious roller coaster ride when Max’s grandfather sends his family members on a treasure hunt. At first Max isn’t serious about gaining the company but Hallie teaches him the value of keeping the family legacy and also, of love.

My Review – 5 Stars

Ms Monroe weaves in the perfect balance of romance, comedy and a dose of tension.

Even though Max is from a dysfunctional family, it’s a wonder he didn’t turn out like them. But still because of being a playboy, he doesn’t want to take the family responsibilities seriously. However Hallie tries to make him see reason to keep the company that is his legacy. You will love how he becomes more mature while spending time with her.

Hallie is a smart and independent woman. Despite the problems she faces everyday, she doesn’t want to give up on her dreams. We can all relate to Hallie’s character because of the same type of worries in our everyday lives. That’s what makes her more likable.

As Max’s grandfather sets up a treasure hunt for his crazy family, Max has no option but to tag along. With Hallie on his side, he gets closer to the prize until tension and misunderstanding crops up between them. However, the tension isn’t for long and they end up resolving the conflict.

This is a book I recommend for the readers interested in rom-coms. You won’t be disappointed.

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