Books for the Holidays

As Christmas is around the corner and with the rising number of cases of COVID-19, many countries are imposing travel restrictions and going under lockdown. Like last year, a lot of people had to cancel their travel plans and will most likely spend the Christmas holidays at home with a few family members and friends.

In such a case it won’t be easy to pass the time. One way is to read books with a Christmas feeling. There are so many novels with the Christmas theme. I am going to mention a few which are my favorite that you can get from any online book store.

Holidate by Monica Murphy (#3 of the Dating Series)

Genres: Contemporary, holiday, romantic comedy

Blurb: Candice Gaines loves Christmas and enjoys everything about the holiday. She spends her time in charity and planning Christmas parties. On the other hand Charlie Sullivan hates Christmas despite that his family’s business Sullivan Family Christmas Tree Farm provides Christmas trees in the Monterey Peninsula.

Charlie’s mother plays matchmaker in bringing the two of them together to promote the family business. While Candice is determined to change Charlie’s mind about the holiday, Charlie finds her irritating with her constant chatter.

The more they spend time together, the more they start liking each other. Will the Christmas magic change Charlie’s mind and bring them together for good?

Driving Home for Christmas by Lexy Timms (#1 in the Billionaire Holiday Romance Series)

Genres: Contemporary, holiday, romantic comedy

Blurb: Colin Murphy, CEO of Murphy Inc is a workaholic and doesn’t consider any type of holiday special. His business trip gets interrupted by a snowstorm, forcing him to delay his business plans. On the other hand, Abigail Thompson has lost everything; her job, her boyfriend and apartment. She has no option but to go back home. However, her plan also gets delayed due to the snowstorm.

Colin offers her a lift in a rental car when they find out that they are going the same way. What was supposed to be an 8 hour journey turns out to be 2 days of mayhem. Despite Abigail’s cheerfulness and excitement over the Christmas holiday, she’s hiding secrets.

Will Abigail be able to melt Colin’s heart and share her secrets? Or will this holiday make things worse for both of them?

Issued to the Bride One Sergeant for Christmas by Cora Seton (#6 of The Brides of Chance Creek)

Genres: Contemporary, military, western

Blurb: Sergeant Emerson Myers has no family after being kicked out by his aunt and uncle. After being in the military for sometime, General Augustus Reed took him as an assistant. Despite giving up on having a family of his own, Emerson longs for loved ones after witnessing the General sending military men to marry his daughters.

Wyoming Smith accepts Cass’s invitation to live at Two Willows ranch after losing her job and apartment. Seeing her friends happily married makes her feel more lonely than ever.

When the General has to come back home due to injuries from an explosion, he drags Emerson with him. Is this the General’s plan to play another matchmaker?

Blizzard of Love by Erin Wright (#2 of Long Valley Romance)

Genres: Contemporary, western, small town romance

Blurb: Luke Nash is strong armed by his friend, Stetson Miller into spending Christmas at the Miller Farm. Luke hates Christmas and what’s worse, he has to put up with Bonnie Patterson who loves everything about Christmas.

Even after being a city girl Bonnie accepts her best friend Jennifer’s invitation to spend her Christmas at Miller farm. What she didn’t expect was to be stranded at the farm because of a blizzard. After meeting the arrogant yet handsome Luke, she’s determined to show him that miracles do happen during Christmas.

Christmas at Thorncliff Manor by Sophie Barnes

Genres: Regency, holiday, romance

Blurb: One family, four unmarried sisters and four eligible bachelors.

Welcome to Thorncliff Manor where the eccentric hostess, Lady Duncaster plays matchmaker. But that’s not all. There’s a treasure hunt for a lost heirloom and secrets will be revealed during this lively Christmas holiday.

So get a warm cup of cocoa, sit back in the comfort of your home and enjoy yourself in the Christmas festivities through the books.

Merry Christmas to everyone šŸŽ„šŸŽ„šŸŽ„ and a very Happy New Year šŸŽ†šŸŽ†šŸ•›šŸ•›šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

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