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Is Vegetarianism a diet to adopt?

Imagine living in a world where you are deprived from your rights and tortured to be eaten by other creatures. Vegetarianism used to be an unusual lifestyle choice. But, today it is becoming more common and accepted by mainstream society. While there are many reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet, the most important are economic... Continue Reading →

Meet the World’s Smallest Cat

We are fascinated by wild life and especially big animals. In the feline family, much attention is given to the big cats such as lion and cheetah. However on the other end we the have the world's smallest cat, known as the rusty-spotted cat (Prionailurus rubiginosus). This cat is native to India and Sri Lanka... Continue Reading →

Safety is in numbers

The dolphin is an aquatic mammal known for its docile nature and intelligence. Although it may seem to be a harmless creature, it can still be vicious if threatened especially in a group. A group of dolphins is known as either a “school” or a “pod”. Dolphins are fast swimmers because of their streamlined bodies... Continue Reading →

Say cheese!

I found an interesting post from one of my friend about smiling quokkas and decided to find out about them. The quokka is a marsupial from the macropod family. Just like the kangaroo, quokkas also have a pouch for their babies in their abdomen. They are the size of a domestic cat and are mainly... Continue Reading →

Crocheting for a stray cat

Crochet has been in fashion since the 19th century. But especially in the 21st century, great improvements have been made in the quality of yarns and variety of patterns. People have been making DIY projects so it has become both a household and commercial art. There have been many applications of crochet. Recently, a stray... Continue Reading →

Diver saves a manta ray in Western Australia

An incident occurred recently by a freediving group exploring Ningaloo Reef off Australia’s north west coast. A giant manta ray, locally known as Freckles approached one of the divers, Jake Wilton who’s a snorkelling guide to help remove fish hooks from her right eye. Wilton, who works in the area for Ningaloo Marine Interactions, a... Continue Reading →

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