The Fairytale Castle that Inspired Walt Disney

We all know the logo shown at the beginning of Disney movies. The famous logo is of a castle with a river flowing in front of it. How was this beautiful company logo made? Walt and Lilian Disney had taken a trip to Europe where they visited Neuschwanstein Castle situated in the German Alps. The... Continue Reading →

The importance of vocational education

Many decades ago, having a degree was enough to land a good job. Maybe because there were few people who could afford to study at university level. However, since the late 1980s governments around the world have started preparing students for the work place environment. What is vocational education (VE)? This is the training of... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland in Harbin, China

This year's 37th annual Ice and Snow festival was opened on Sunday 5th January with fireworks. Since 1963, this festival has been done annually from December to January in the Harbin city of Heilongjiang province in China. This has also drawn many tourists from all over the world. It was opened late because of the... Continue Reading →

the art of story-telling

When we talk to someone, that is called conversation. We may not realize it but as we converse, we tell a story. It can be anything from family to job issues to marriage or anything else you can think of. This is an informal way of story-telling. Now this may be surprising as many people... Continue Reading →

Significance of Jewelry around the World

For more than 90,000 years different people have worn different types of jewelry. In the past, wearing of jewelry signified social status. However in other cases, they were worn for religious and ritual purposes. Jewelries were made from different materials such as stones, shells, feathers and other natural items. Later gold and diamonds were also... Continue Reading →

Music and the brain

From time immemorial, man has developed the ability to produce music by inventing musical instruments. We all like some form of music whether it be classical, hip-hop or even a musical theatre. Music helps us to relax. As we listen, we even start humming or repeating the lyrics. However, a study published in Scientific Reports... Continue Reading →

The contribution of art during the pandemic

With the regulations forcing people to comply by wearing masks and social distancing, many fields of work have been disrupted. With many events cancelled, musicians have embraced technology by live-streaming concerts to audiences around the world. Musicians from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra posted a virtual performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy which garnered up to... Continue Reading →

Revolution of art

Art is one of the oldest abilities of humans. The earliest art work dates back to 500,000 years when engraved shells were created by Homo erectus. Although not all experts classify this as proper art but the shell was found to have geometric incisions on it. Perhaps this was the beginning of art work with... Continue Reading →

What can you do under lock down

The coronavirus outbreak started as early as November 2019 in Wuhan, China. Since its worldwide spread, many countries have been under lock down. This means that no one can travel, go to schools or offices except the professionals who are direly needed to keep the situation under control. Many efforts have been made to keep... Continue Reading →

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