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A Honeybun and Coffee – #1 of the Honeybun Heat series by Sam Cheever

Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Family, Action, Adventure, Suspense, Humor Blurb: Angie owns a coffee shop and one day overhears two men planning to kill some guy named Alastair. Thinking that the guy is an old, helpless man, she searches for Alastair to warn him, only to find out that he's a young, good looking man with an... Continue Reading →

Bye bye Babylone by Lamia ZIadé

  The written pages alternate with explanatory and representative drawings bringing a raw and organic feeling, alternating between colorless and colorful. Although Ziade's words contrast the "paradise" of imported supermarkets with the violence that ensues in Lebanon, the images of food and guns seem to merge into each other. They show, as in a somewhat... Continue Reading →

Books for the Holidays

As Christmas is around the corner and with the rising number of cases of COVID-19, many countries are imposing travel restrictions and going under lockdown. Like last year, a lot of people had to cancel their travel plans and will most likely spend the Christmas holidays at home with a few family members and friends.... Continue Reading →

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