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War in Ukraine

War is defined as an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies or paramilitary groups. It is said to be part of our human nature, a psychological and evolutionary trait. Dutch psychoanalyst Joost Meerloo said that "War is often a mass discharge of accumulated internal rage where the inner fears of mankind are discharged in... Continue Reading →

Love in the Digital Age

In the time before the invention of the internet, couples used to have either arranged or love marriages. They would meet, go out for dinner or to a cinema theatre. Although it used to take extra efforts to meet the other person due to being physically present, people found it better as physical contact gives... Continue Reading →

The New Year Has Started, Now What?

It's a relief that the new year has finally started. The New Year isn't just about time moving forward. It's also about what more we want to do. Many people may make a list of resolutions but may not be able to achieve them. It can be due to procrastination or having impractical resolutions. There's... Continue Reading →

Books for the Holidays

As Christmas is around the corner and with the rising number of cases of COVID-19, many countries are imposing travel restrictions and going under lockdown. Like last year, a lot of people had to cancel their travel plans and will most likely spend the Christmas holidays at home with a few family members and friends.... Continue Reading →

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