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How to overcome a heartbreak  

We’ve all been in love passionately and thought that we had found our soul mate, the person who was destined for us and with whom we wanted to build the rest of our lives. However, sometimes reality catches up with us and we don't see things through to the end, especially those we thought would... Continue Reading →

Love in the Digital Age

In the time before the invention of the internet, couples used to have either arranged or love marriages. They would meet, go out for dinner or to a cinema theatre. Although it used to take extra efforts to meet the other person due to being physically present, people found it better as physical contact gives... Continue Reading →

Final Day of Storytelling

As it's said "Everything that has a beginning has an end" so this series also ended on a good note. We cried and laughed. We heard each others' stories. Whether it was good or bad, whether it was happy or sad or funny, it felt nice to have that connection. It feels good to talk... Continue Reading →

Another Day of Storytelling

Story telling continues with Puck creations. We laughed, cried and listened to each other. Everyone has their own struggles both internally and externally. But if we don't share, it will consume us from the inside. In this hard time we crave human interaction as much as possible. That's why we continued with meetings and learned... Continue Reading →

pregnancy and covid-19

Ever since the pandemic started all over the world, there has been a lot of worry of it's effect on many aspects of life. One of those aspects is on pregnancy. This is because due to changes in pregnant women, they are liable to infection. This happens most especially during the third trimester when pregnant... Continue Reading →

Significance of Jewelry around the World

For more than 90,000 years different people have worn different types of jewelry. In the past, wearing of jewelry signified social status. However in other cases, they were worn for religious and ritual purposes. Jewelries were made from different materials such as stones, shells, feathers and other natural items. Later gold and diamonds were also... Continue Reading →

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