Final Day of Storytelling

As it's said "Everything that has a beginning has an end" so this series also ended on a good note. We cried and laughed. We heard each others' stories. Whether it was good or bad, whether it was happy or sad or funny, it felt nice to have that connection. It feels good to talk... Continue Reading →

Another Day of Storytelling

Story telling continues with Puck creations. We laughed, cried and listened to each other. Everyone has their own struggles both internally and externally. But if we don't share, it will consume us from the inside. In this hard time we crave human interaction as much as possible. That's why we continued with meetings and learned... Continue Reading →

pregnancy and covid-19

Ever since the pandemic started all over the world, there has been a lot of worry of it's effect on many aspects of life. One of those aspects is on pregnancy. This is because due to changes in pregnant women, they are liable to infection. This happens most especially during the third trimester when pregnant... Continue Reading →

Significance of Jewelry around the World

For more than 90,000 years different people have worn different types of jewelry. In the past, wearing of jewelry signified social status. However in other cases, they were worn for religious and ritual purposes. Jewelries were made from different materials such as stones, shells, feathers and other natural items. Later gold and diamonds were also... Continue Reading →

Dark is the new “Lovely”

In the midst of the Black Lives Matters movement after George Floyd's death by a white police officer, another topic has cropped up. This has to do with Unilever's skin-lightening cream known as Fair & Lovely. Ever since the movement started, many people have taken to social media as an outlet for their rage at... Continue Reading →

Wedding bells during the pandemic

It seems that not even the COVID-19 has deterred lovers from reuniting. Despite the lock down and social distancing rules by governments around the world, it is becoming a trend for intending couples to get married. While many couples are getting married the traditional way of having a few family members and friends, others are... Continue Reading →

Raina Sun Mystery Series by Anne R. Tan

Raina Sun, an American Chinese woman lives in the small town of Gold Springs. She struggles with finishing her degree and doing odd jobs to sustain herself. However, her dead grandfather also put the responsibility on her to give three million dollars to his secret family in China. Her college adviser/ex-boyfriend cons her to give... Continue Reading →

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